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Our lives are very busy! You only have 24 hours in a day so why spend it cleaning the house when you have so many other more meaningful and important things to be doing? Its very hard to find the time to ensure your house is as clean as you would like it to be. That’s why were here. At Rogue Valley Cleaning Pros based out of Grants Pass we ensure your house is sparkly clean and fresh while keeping your wallet happy and not deeply vacuumed. You will be able to spend time on things that need attending and have much more meaning to you than cleaning your house. With us you can have the confidence and trust to know your house will be spotless every time. Getting your house cleaned regularly comes with great benefits one of them being what we just stated about time. It saves you so much time and time is something money cant buy. Our quality disinfectant cleaning materials help to eliminate germs and makes your house a cleaner more sanitary place. Your house will also have cleaner air due to the fact that there is no more dust, mildew, or other particles freely floating around. For people who are at battle with allergies cleaning your house is very important and will help with allergic problems related to a dirty dusty house. Clean houses will help you stay organized and know where things are.

Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning is not much different than normal cleaning other than the fact that its deeper underground. Just kidding. Normal cleaning includes cleaning tasks done on a regular basis unlike deep cleaning which reaches all parts of your office, business, or houses dirt and filth. We offer high quality deep cleaning services for your whole house or business and each room will be left absolutely immaculate.

Residential/ Commercial cleaning

We have got you covered weather it is your home or business you can count on it being spotless once we are done with it. A clean house allows you to relax more comfortably without stress. We offer an office cleaning service for your commercial space and residential cleaning for your home. We also cover move out services for houses and offices that need some freshening up and tidying.

Rental cleaning

Weather you have a rental property that needs cleaning between renters every so often or you have a short term rental or Airbnb that needs cleaning quit often we have got you covered. We are ready to provide all the higher level things needed with cleaning to ensure your guests will absolutely love your house. We know how to dial your rental property from cleaning and sanitizing for your next guests to stocking items, checking for damage, and checking for missing items.

Benefits of cleaning…

A house is where you rest, live, and host people. It is your safe place where you can chill out. These places can so easily get dirty and cluttered. Many benefits come from having a clean house. Here are some of them… 

✦ Having a clean house that is tidy and uncluttered lowers your stress. Whether you realize it or not we are subconsciously affected by disorganization and untidiness. Our brains prefer order and consistent reminders of things not being in order can lead to stress, less of an ability to focus, and sometimes even less effective memory. Much research has connected bad sleeping, stress, and anxiousness to clutter and mess. So, having a clean house or workspace drastically improves your mental health. 

✦ That beautiful carpet you have or that favourite most comfortable couch, cozy chair, or beautiful upholstery are all things that can collect dust, dirt, mites, pet hair, and mold all of which are not good for you and can cause allergic reactions. Our cleaning rids of all these irritants leaving your house or buildings air crisp and fresh. 

✦ Regular cleaning reduces the spread of germs throughout your building. According to experts the dirtiest parts of your house or office is the kitchen and the counters, sponges, faucets, the restroom, toilet, keyboards, remotes, and most of the knobs and handles. These are all high contact points in a building and are prone to spread germs effectively if dirty. Regular cleaning can reduce the spread of germs throughout the building by effectively killing off a lot of the pests who make those points in your building their home.

✦Cleaning can also keep away pests. That sprite you spilled or the cheetos you accidentally dropped are things that attract pests. Pests have the potential to spread bacteria, disease, and destroy property, all of which are not preferable. Our cleaning will rid of these pest attractions that in return can help to prevent them. 

So having your house or office cleaned has many positive benefits that you should enjoy. It helps with your mental state, prevents the spread of germs, keeps the air clean, and helps to prevent pests on a lighter, note it helps you to be happy in a clean atmosphere and you will always be ready for guests. Give us a call and let us provide you with the professional cleaning you deserve.

Why chose us?

We are a Rogue Valley cleaning specialist company based out of Grants Pass, Or. Our companies focus is to offer the best cleaning available and go above and beyond all other cleaning services. Our services provide productive cleaning while ensuring you are pleased with the results. Left burner on stove always extra dirty? Top right cabinet always greasy? We clean with personal touches and customize to your cleaning needs, dialing into those extra dirty spots and corners. When we clean you can count on the job getting done by some of the best professional cleaners using the best tools. One of the main benefits to hiring home cleaning services is we use industrial quality equipment most people cant get a hold of. This equipment along with our training allows us to provide some of the highest quality cleaning services available. Our cleaners go above and beyond to ensure the place they clean is spotless and are sure you will be happy with the results.

✔️We are specialized in high quality cleaning in Grants pass Or.

✔️We have the tools, experience, and knowledge to provide you the highest cleaning services available.

✔️We are equipped and ready to provide you with quality cleaning no matter how greasy your stove is or dusty the office walls are.

✔️We know that everyone has their own preferences and keep that in mind with our services. We are ready to work with you and keep what you want in mind while we serve you.

Have questions?

At Rogue Valley Cleaning Pros we understand the value of great service. Our cleaning experts can help you assess and prioritize your buildings needs so you can make the most our cleaning services and your budget. If you have any questions regarding our company or the services we can provide for your building, give us a call today!


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