Can house cleaning make you sick?

Cleaning houses come with huge benefits both for your house and yourself. Studies and publications from Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, researchers at Princeton University, Nicole R. Keith, Darby Saxbe, a psychology professor at the University of Southern California, and A few more all back up the importance of a clean house and what it does for your mindset. However there are some very harmful things that you can do while cleaning your house that will affect your health negatively if you do it wrong. Dust is a common trigger for allergies. There are many dust producing things like pollen, dead skin, pet fur, dust mites, and insects, and dirt from outside. Dust will collect on windows and window sills, doors, floors, chairs, tables, couches, books, and so on. When you breath in the waste products of dust mites, your body combats it by your immune system produces anti bodies. This immune response causes symptoms like itchy noses, sneezing, and runny noses. Avoid breathing dust. Another common allergen is mold. The Molds method of growing and spreading requires water. Try your best to ensure there are no leaks of water anywhere. If you find mold get rid of it immediately. Both these are common allergens and one of the main reasons for cleaning your house is to ensure that these nasty things are eliminated. Here are some things that can make you sick while cleaning. Firstly if you are stirring up too much dust while you are eliminating it this will possibly cause you to have some allergic symptoms. Next is you have to air things out well you are cleaning to let all the toxic fumes out. Open windows and doors. Sunlight actually helps to kill bacteria by causing mutations in their DNA. This problem also can be linked with using fragrance cleaners. This may be liked to health problems. A study by Anne Steinemann, PhD a professor of civil engineering at the University of Melbourne in Australia says lots of common side effects come from using fragrances like migraines, dizziness, and rashes. Some other studies showed that one-third percent of Americans are affected by fragranced consumer products. Another possible cause for sickness along the lines of what type of cleaning product is you may be using too harsh of a cleaner product. Some cleaning products are very strong and their contents have a very low or high pH level. These products will possibly cause burns to skin and eyes as well as other body parts. Use the most gentle product you can find that will effectively do the job. Never mix ammonia and bleach. This will lead to toxic vapors that are dangerous. It is also smart to be careful with “greenwashed” products that aren’t stating their ingredients. Research has shown that “all natural” cleaners are not always safer. Some green fragranced products are not much different than regular products. Basically be careful and use common sense when cleaning and you will be totally fine. Cleaning is not an “extreme sport” or something along those sorts. There are a few things to avoid and that’s pretty much it. If you cannot clean your house however hire our services. We know what we are doing and will leave your house sparkly clean when we are done so you can enjoy a clean fresh house.

Cleaning tips: