Cleaning supplies

Utilizing the appropriate essential cleaning supplies is vital when the job of cleaning the house comes knocking. This is extremely important so damage is not incurred by the surfaces that are being cleaned. It also will increase the overall time it takes to clean, and the cleaning can usually be done with less effort on the part of whoever is cleaning.

It’s important that you read the bottle’s label even before purchasing the product from the store. Solutions, precautions and common uses will be evident on the labels. An “all-purpose” cleaning solution might not be ideal for every type of surface. Products, like ammonia, that contain strong chemicals can cause permanent damage to laminates or other plastic surfaces. There are times when strong cleaners aren’t needed to do the job. Mild soap and warm water could be all that is needed.

When organizing for a large annual cleaning or even a light everyday cleaning, it is always a good idea to gather together your essential cleaning supplies before you get started. However, which essential supplies will be needed most frequently? Consider what exactly it is that you will need for your cleaning.

Start from the top (i.e., the ceiling) and work your way down to the bottom (i.e., the floor). One cleaning item that is absolutely essential is rags. These can be used to dust cobwebs in the corners, ceiling fan blades, and the tops of shelves and ledges. There are many products that claim they are a “better way to dust.” New products do not work any better than an old rag. Not to mention they are cheaper because the rag is just an old shirt or sock that has lost its mate and can therefore be washed and re-used rather than thrown out, thereby contributing to the planet’s waste. Rags do the job on cobwebs but when it comes to dusting shelves and ledges you should apply some furniture polish. So coupled with some rags in your cleaning supplies should be some furniture polish.

Window washing liquid is another essential cleaning supply to put into your cleaning kit. Most brand name products advertise a streak free shine, but there is an old trick that gets windows streak free without coughing up the extra bucks on brand name products; just use newspaper to wipe down the window glass instead of paper towels. Your cleaning kit should have a brown paper bag included for used newspapers to be stored in. When you are finished with your cleaning the entire bag can be tossed into a recycling box.

Anti-bacterial spray is another example of an essential cleaning supply. There are many products available which work well and are formulated for a particular area of the home. Most are adequate for use on a variety of surfaces. Included in your kit should be the following – a spray that is specifically designed for hard to clean soap scum and mildew for the bathroom and then a spray that can be used on the kitchen or bathroom surfaces.

The very last thing you clean in any room is the floor. Besides a vacuum and a mop, are there any other essential supplies you’ll need to tackle the floors? It’s essential to use a mop, bucket, and a floor cleaner to clean a non-carpeted area, but toting these items from room to room as you clean is pretty impractical. Store these items together and take them out when you are ready to get down to work. Instead, maintain a rug refresher such as a spray or powder in your cleaning supplies.

If your essential cleaning supplies are organized and easily accessible, the job of household cleaning can be faster, easier, and more efficient. If you don’t have the time however you cannot utilize the tools you have for cleaning. Our professional cleaning services will cover everything you need for having your house sparkly clean.