Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning is not much different than normal cleaning other than the fact that its deeper underground. Just kidding. Normal cleaning includes cleaning tasks done on a regular basis unlike deep cleaning which reaches all parts of your office, business, or houses dirt and filth. We offer high quality deep cleaning services for your whole house or business and each room will be left absolutely immaculate.


Your first and one of the most annoying place to clean is the kitchen, and you can do everything possible but chances are things will still be dirty. You wont have to worry about that once you hire us! Our deep cleaning covers all the Exterior and Interior doors, all the lighting and lampshades, windows including widow frames, blinds, and the glass, doors, tiles, bins, all appliances, ceilings, floors, and any other possibly dirty item that could happen to be dirty will now be clean as could be.


The most visited place on your house is the living room and that’s the place you and your friends and family hangout, we got you covered with this as well. All furniture, doors, fixtures, fittings and surfaces will be spotless of any dust and grime.


One of the most annoying places to clean is the bathroom, and that’s because most of time it is small and there are a lot of parts to scrub that are often times pretty dirty. We will get this dialed for you. Completely sanitized and shiny clean and you wont have to deal with any of it.

All other halls, doors, windows, stairs you name it will be shiny clean. The point of a deep clean is to ensure everything is basically as clean as new and that’s what we do!